About Us

Lin's Hawaiian Snacks presents an extensive array of your favorite Hawaiian and Asian snacks, including crack seed, li hing mui, and other dried fruit, nuts, candy and seafood. Enjoy the sweet and salty flavor of our White Li Hing Mui or the juicy sweetness of our Sweet and Sour Plum. We also have a wide selection of li hing covered dried fruits including Sweet Li Hing Mango, Li Hing Cranberries, Li Hing Apricots and many others. 


 In 1982, Shin and Jim Lin immigrated to Honolulu from Taiwan to be near their family.

Now, more than 20 years later, the brothers are running a thriving business selling Hawaiian and Asian snacks with outlets at the Ward Famers Market and the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet.

Lin’s market commenced Aloha Stadium Swap Meet operations in 1985 selling vegetables and a line of swimming toys.

The brothers have since changed their product line to become one of the favorite places in the islands for Hawaiian and Asian snacks.

Crack seed, fruit, nuts, chips, cookies and more can be found at both locations.

The best seller, according to Shin, is the li hing pineapple. “People love li hing pineapple” says Shin. “I was one of the first to introduce it about 17 years ago.” Shin offers samples to customers as they walk by and he guarantees their satisfaction.

Locals and tourists alike enjoy this island favorite. 

“I love to see the look on their faces; that look of pure enjoyment when they taste it,” says Shin. “I want the people to remember it, especially the tourists, so when they come back to Hawaii, they will come back to Lin’s Market for the li hing pineapple.”
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